CBIC Objective

The CBIC, in Southern India along which industrial nodes are currently in planning and at design stage – namely, Krishnapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, Tumkur in Karnataka, and Ponneri in Tamil Nadu. The strategic location of the Krishnapatnam Industrial Node along with connectivity to the existing port makes it a very attractive investment destination due to its locational advantage.

To achieve accelerated growth, regional industry agglomeration in the states .

Improve the connectivity and trade between the port

Promote trade with Asia Pacific

Locational significance of Kriscity

The Krishnapatnam Node is located in the State of Andhra Pradesh, in close proximity southwards of Krishnapatnam Port.

Locational significance of Kriscity

Location within the influence area of two industrial corridors, CBIC and VCIC, offers benefit of enhanced infrastructure and opportunities for synergetic development within in the surrounding region.

Locational Significance of Kriscity

Access to upgraded infrastructure and enhanced capacity of Krishnapatnam Port which is being expanded under the Sagaramala Project as a part of the Coastal Economic Zone. Existing road connectivity to major cities and economic centers – Bengaluru, Anantapur, Vijayawada and Chennai.

Locational Significance of Kriscity

Proximity to the existing Krishnapatnam Port advantageous to export and import oriented industries.


NICDIT Krishnapatnam Industrial City Development Limited is to create a world class city in the region with industry as the main driver of economic development and employment with supporting social and commercial infrastructure.

Accessibility & Regional linkages

The Krishnapatnam North node is connected to existing National and State highways, Airways and Terminals/Stations.

Road Connectivity

North Node is connected to NH-16 through three different routes consisting of mainly State Highways having undivided two-lane configuration (with a distance of 20-30km approximately).

Rail Connectivity

Krishnapatnam Railway station is the closest station to the North node lying only 15 km away from the site, Gudur Railway junction is away by 40km from the project location.

Air Connectivity

The closest airport to the northern node is Tirupati International Airport, Tirupati airport within 90km and Chennai airport within 170 km.

Port Connectivity

Krishnapatnam Port is the closest port to the North node lying only 10 km away from the site.

Our Objective

The broad vision for the Krishnapatnam Industrial Node is to become a showcase of Andhra Pradesh‘s leading manufacturing industries with the following principles